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Buddy "King" Bolden may have left behind memories without any recordings but his lineage extends on profoundly influencing generations of music to come. Our mission is to restore the sacred place once considered home to King Bolden and establish it as a historic landmark that honors the inventiveness of Buddy Bolden, provide resources for aspiring musical geniuses to learn the business of music-making, and serve as a resource for the community. The preservation and historical significance of Buddy Bolden’s legacy is sacred to New Orleans, the Central City neighborhood, and the world. The foundation site will house a recording studio, event space and an area that showcases remnants of Bolden’s exceptional musical legacy. In addition, the site will showcase musicians of varied genres that came after him.

"I'm excited about what Buddy’s House Foundation will provide for young artists of today. It will equip them with the skills they need to turn their creativity into a profitable business model and also provide them with the equipment needed to record. The historic site will be an amazing resource; a community center, Music Enrichment program for Youth, Musician Support source, Recording Studio & Legacy Museum honoring Buddy". The restoration of the home is so important on multiple fronts; I love New Orleans, I'm passionate about music history, and the preservation of its roots."

PJ. Morton

All at Buddy's House


  • Seminars, meeting space for musicians, community and neighboring non-profits organizations

Musician Support

  • Music Business (Distribution, Licensing, Publishing, Legal, Marketing)
  • Promote Mental Health awareness
  • Musician Resources (various partners and providers)


  • Music education and enhancement of the arts programming 
  • Equip young artists with the skills they need to turn their creativity into a  profitable business model
  • Recording studio access

Museum & Foundation Site

  • Buddy’s home located at 2309 First St and it’s twin next door is 4,000 square feet. 
  • The layout will showcase the "Past House" and "Future House". The past home will be Buddy’s residence recreation maintained in its original 19th-century state just as Bolden would have lived
  • Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the place where Buddy resided in its authentic state. 
  • The second half of the home is the legacy museum that showcases Bolden’s exceptional musical legacy. In addition showcase musicians of varied genres that came after him.  
  • The future house will have a recording studio, and seminar space. 

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